MySuperSpy Keylogger

MySuperSpy Keylogger 3.29

Spyware used to secretly record all activities of the PC user

MySuperSpy Keylogger is a tool that is used to secretly record all activities of a PC user. It is actually a kind of PC spyware that records every keystroke including the password login of MSN, AIM, AOL and Yahoo messenger or webmail. It even records online chat conversations, takes screen snapshots just like a surveillance camera without the PC user knowing it. If you are a concerned parent and want to make sure your child is browsing the correct websites, this spyware is for you. This is also a great help if you want to catch a cheating husband. MySuperSpy Keylogger allows you to trace your PC activities even when you're away. What's nice about this software is it is completely hidden from others. There is no hint that it is installed because it cannot be traced in add/remove programs, start menu, applications and definitely no icons on your computer. That means nobody would ever know it exists except you. In conclusion, MySuperSpy Keylogger is a helpful and interesting tool if you want to monitor your child, a spouse, or just plainly what happens on your PC while you are away.